Our bodies are among the most complex structures in the world & are made up of many different organs which all work together to keep us healthy.  But, what happens when one or more of these organs stops working as it should and you start to feel unwell?

Stop Treating Disease - Start Building Your Health

My Ethos is that you will not get healthy by treating disease - what I hear you say!  As a Natural Healthcare Practitioner, I help people to build good health by treating the person and not the disease by using natural remedies that allow you stay healthy in the first place - PREVENTATION IS BETTER THAN CURE!  If you do have symptoms of ill-health, I will go through your health history at the initial appointment and then create a plan to get you back on track.  There will be home-work so please be prepared to commit to this process as I will only work with people who are truly committed to make a difference on how they feel. 

My commitment is to be the most trusted Natural Healthcare Clinic in the South West offering a range of treatments from Kinesiology, Food & Sensitivity Testing, Counselling and Massage

Kiron has transformed my health with Kinesiology. Her compassion, experience and non-judgemental approach guided me through my debilitating back pain along with lots of stress, worry and anxiety. I love my sessions with her and feel fantastic when I leave. Kinesiology is really worth every penny and instead of guessing which nutrition will make the difference, I know exactly which ones I need now, thanks to Kiron.
— Stephanie – now full of the joys of life!